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New Idem Release 23.0.0: Changes and Highlights

We're delighted to announce the release of Idem 23.0.0. This version not only brings important changes, such as the official discontinuation of support for Python 3.7, but also adds support for Python 3.11, and introduces several enhancements and fixes.

In the upcoming weeks, the deprecation of Python 3.7 support will continue across Idem's plugins and dependencies. As we integrate Python 3.11, we look forward to leveraging its powerful features and improvements in our project.

Here are other key updates in this release:

  • Improved Logging for Events: To enhance the visibility and debugging of events, we've upgraded the logging functionality.

  • Retrieving 'Name' from Execution State Module (ESM): The ESM has been optimized to retrieve the 'name' value if it exists. This facilitates more efficient data extraction and usage.

  • Resolution of Nested Relative Paths in We've addressed an issue regarding the resolution of nested relative paths in, leading to improved path handling.

  • Handling SLS Call Runtime Errors: We've implemented a graceful error handling mechanism for runtime errors occurring during SLS calls.

  • Execution State Module (ESM) Documentation and Messaging: The documentation and messaging related to the idem exec ESM commands have been refined for clarity and accuracy.

  • Reconciliation upon Successful Operation: If an operation is successful and there's no 'rerun_data', reconciliation will not be performed. This enhances the efficiency of the execution process.

  • Changing the auto_state Contract: To streamline operations, we've modified the auto_state contract.

As we move forward, our commitment to making Idem more robust, efficient, and user-friendly remains strong. We continue to value the feedback from our community, which enables us to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.

Remember to update to the latest version of Idem to benefit from these enhancements. We welcome any issues or suggestions via our issue tracker. Your support is invaluable to us!

Please Note: With the discontinuation of Python 3.7 support, you might need to upgrade your Python version to continue enjoying the latest versions of Idem, its plugins, and its dependencies.

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