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Idem Project Solves the SRE Crisis

It’s certainly not news to you, or anyone that works in tech. Cloud computing has changed the way we do everything—but it’s tough. Cloud infrastructure has become significantly more complicated over the past few years. Keeping up with the demands of multiple clouds, vendors, apps, and security is more than enough to overwhelm Site Reliability Engineers (SRE’s), regardless of experience or expertise. To make things even more challenging, skyrocketing operational costs and employee retention have created an environment that is unmaintainable at virtually any scale.

We call this problem the “SRE Crisis” and it’s a problem that seems to be universal. Organizations can’t find enough SRE’s to manage modern cloud infrastructure. When they are lucky enough to find them, it takes a very long time to educate and train them up on the needs of the company’s infrastructure and individual needs. We’ve all heard the phrase “every cloud has a silver lining”, we think this is true, but over time – ours has become dangerously thin. Different clouds have different APIs and services, different security concerns, devops pipeline issues, access control problems, application deployment systems – and more!

Thomas Hatch is the creator of Salt, one of the world’s most powerful automation and configuration management platforms. For years he’s endured his own struggles in dealing with the SRE crisis and that’s why he created Idem Project.

Idem Project was created to specifically to overcome these challenges and simplify the complexity of the cloud.

Idem Project describes everything that’s taking place within your cloud infrastructure--as data. This data not only gives you full visibility into the cloud but can be directly used to manage the cloud infrastructure as well. This continuous cycle of visibility and management fundamentally changes how infrastructure is managed.

With Idem, you can:

· Generate enforceable maps of your infrastructure through fast and reliable scans.

· Find, target, and remediate security issues

· Span multiple clouds at breakneck speed

· Deploy applications across traditional, serverless, and Kubernetes systems

· Manage complex access controls

· Execute day two operations

You can do it all faster than any other automation system you’ve ever seen—simply put, it’s incredibly fast.

With Idem, your workloads will simplify, accountability will soar, security will become manageable, and your SRE crisis will be solved. Come to the future! Learn how Idem can take your cloud infrastructure to the next generation today! Just go to to get started!

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