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Bugfixes in Idem and Pop-Tree: Version 24.1.1 and 12.1.2 Rollouts

Hey everyone in the Idem community!

We're excited to announce some significant updates to Idem (now at version 24.1.1) and its dependency, pop-tree (version 12.1.2), that are set to streamline your experience with our tools.

Tackling Mid-Level Reference Bugs in Pop-Tree

Our journey began with a peculiar issue in pop-tree, particularly affecting mid-level references like states.gcp. Previously, we optimized the parsing process in pop-tree to efficiently search under a given ref, avoiding the need to process everything before filtering. However, this introduced a snag: commands like idem doc states.gcp resulted in references being incorrectly shown as "None.compute" instead of the expected "states.gcp.compute".

While full references (like states.gcp.compute) and top-level subs (like states) worked fine, those mid-level references like states.gcp were hit or miss. But no more! With pop-tree version 12.1.2, we've squashed this bug. Now, idem doc commands with mid-level references churn out documentation with proper, accurate references.

Idem's Version Bump: A Step Forward

In sync with pop-tree's update, Idem has been bumped up to version 24.1.1. This minor version increment isn't just about keeping up-to-date with pop-tree. It's a reflection of our commitment to making Idem more robust and efficient, especially in handling documentation across various cloud providers.

The Impact: What's in It for You?

  1. Accurate Documentation Generation: No more guesswork or inaccuracies with mid-level references. Whether you're diving into GCP or any other cloud provider, your documentation is now spot-on.

  2. Enhanced Usability: This update makes navigating and understanding your cloud states far more intuitive.

  3. Reliability Boost: These changes cement Idem and pop-tree as reliable tools in your cloud infrastructure toolkit.

Wrapping Up

We're thrilled about these updates and believe they will significantly improve your interactions with Idem and pop-tree. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. If you have thoughts, questions, or just want to share your experience, drop us a comment or reach out.

Here's to making cloud infrastructure management more efficient and hassle-free than ever before!


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